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As a shop owner, there is so much—and sometimes everything—on your shoulders. Whether you're in the beginning stages of opening your shop or have a few years under your belt, it can be overwhelming and lonely trying to figure out what to do next or knowing if you're doing the right thing. The goal of Retail Therapy is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to take control of the various aspects of your shop and effectively manage and grow your business.


Clarity Call


A single session with Morgan to discuss a key struggle or issue. By the time we’re finished, your next steps will be clear: you’ll walk away with specific action items to help you get back on track.


retail Mentoring

Mentoring Starter Package

$2995 or $1025/month

Three months of personalized, one-on-one mentoring to help with: smart growth, leadership, hiring, employee development, marketing, visuals—and just generally running your business like a boss. Plus a ton of added bonuses and perks!

Ongoing Monthly Mentoring $795

After completing your Mentoring Starter Package, keep that momentum going! Monthly mentoring, support, and ongoing guidance as you continue to develop and grow your business.


merchandising & design

Quoted by the Project

Hands-on design and/or visual merchandising support for your shop. Includes space planning, shop layout assessments, visual strategies, and merchandising training with your team.

Please contact me to discuss details!


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Schedule a free 30-min Curiosity Call.

I’ll answer your questions and help you determine how retail mentoring can help you and your shop!

Due to the hands-on nature of the mentoring, I can only accept a limited number of clients at a time.

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Business Operations

Systems Development / Productivity

Sales / Marketing / Content Strategy

Leadership / Management

Employee Training and Development

Visual Merchandising and Analysis


"Nothing can replace the human-to-human connection Morgan brought to our situation. She has been through this business, worn several different hats, and is willing to share and help." — Mallory


let’s chat

Curious if Retail Therapy is a good fit for you and your shop? Schedule a call and we can talk all about your needs, struggles, or goals.


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Free education and guidance to help you grow your shop, create more efficiency within your business, and develop healthy habits for everyday life.