Why is the Mentoring Starter Package three months long?

I have found that most of my clients require a minimum of six sessions to be able to effectively make positive shifts and change in their business. My goal is for mentoring to be attainable for you while simultaneously running your shop. After you’ve completed your preliminary six sessions, you will be eligible to roll into the Monthly Mentoring plan.

How often are my sessions for the Mentoring Starter Package?

Sessions are scheduled bi-weekly—twice a month—to ensure you have adequate time between sessions to complete action items. Depending on your specific needs and goals, you may choose to add additional sessions on your "off weeks" as needed. This can be discussed further during your free Curiosity Call.

How long is each session?

Each mentoring session is 90 minutes long. Our sessions are jam packed and always end up flying by! This amount of time allows us to really dig in and have adequate discussion, while leaving room for us to review our action steps and plan for the next session.

What platform do you use for our sessions?

I use Zoom, which is a video call app. It’s free and is available on all desktop and mobile devices. I have found this to be the most effective and impactful way to mentor my clients.

Do you offer customized mentoring services?

Yes, we can discuss your specific concerns and I will do my best to accommodate your needs. You can either shoot me an email at hello@realretailtherapy.com or book a free 30-minute Curiosity Call and we can chat more about the details.

How do I pay for my mentoring?

You have two payment options for the Mentoring Starter Package: 1) pay in full up front or 2) a 3-month payment plan. Payment is due upon booking for the Clarity Call and Ongoing Monthly Mentoring. We use Stripe for payment processing and accept debit cards and all major credit cards. Pricing options can be discussed in detail during the Curiosity Call.

Are you available for travel?

Absolutely. I would love to meet you and see your shop in person! If you are looking for some serious hands-on assistance with either getting your shop up and running or with relocation or expansion, I’d be happy to discuss customized services with you. You can either email me at hello@realretailtherapy.com or book a free 30-minute Curiosity Call.