5 Key Tips to Enhance Your Hiring Process


When I say “It’s time to hire a new team member.” what emotion(s) do you feel? For most it’s a feeling of exhaustion, and for good reason.

There are multiple phases to the hiring process:

  • Recruiting

  • Interviewing

  • Hiring

  • Onboarding

  • Training

The hiring process requires A LOT of time and energy and can feel like a burden keeping you from all of your normal activities. It’s also common to want to rush through the process so you can get back to running your shop.

The thing is, it can be quite costly if you don’t take your time and end up hiring out of desperation simply to fill the position. When all is said and done, you will spend months investing in this new hire—finding her, getting her on-boarded to your company, and training her on all operations. The last thing you want is to realize a few months in that the candidate isn’t working out and you have to start the process all over again.

All those feelings of being behind before you ever get started are the real deal. Developing an effective hiring process can ease a lot of that stress and help you maintain a stellar team.

After years of hiring and learning from many mistakes, I discovered some really helpful tips I wanted to share with you. These things helped alleviate some of those feelings of overwhelm and really made a difference when it came to building a team.

5 Key Tips to Enhance Your Hiring Process by Retail Therapy

5 key tips to

Enhance Your Hiring Process

1 || Adopt the mindset that you are always hiring.

If only one thing sticks with you, let it be this. Scrambling to hire someone is a horrible feeling and it’s much easier to make the mistake of hiring the “wrong” candidate when you feel pressured to fill the spot. By maintaining the mindset that you are always looking for new team members, you will inevitably stumble across some real gems throughout the year.

Do you have people ask if you’re hiring when you’re fully staffed? And what is your response? For most it’s “we’re not currently hiring.” How many great candidates are you turning away?

My advice: let them know you don’t currently have any openings but you’re always open to meeting! Take 20-30 minutes and do an interview. If it goes great, let them know you’d love to keep them on file and will reach out when a position becomes available.

And next time you need to hire, you’ll already have a collection of viable candidates lined up!

2 || Assess your schedule and get clear on your specific needs.

For sales positions especially, know what your scheduling needs are when you begin the hiring process. List the desired availability as a requirement for applicants. This will streamline the process and ensure all candidates who apply meet your scheduling needs.

3 || Develop a job description for the position.

Get clear on the responsibilities and expectations for the role you are trying to fill. Consider: previous experience, qualifications, special skills, characteristics, qualities, and what their daily activities will be. This will allow you to more accurately pinpoint a candidate that meets the requirements necessary to do the job. This also lays the foundation for training the employee and being able to measure performance and expectations.

4 || Know your “Why”.

I’ve discussed this topic in a previous post and we talked about how important it is to understand your Why—your company’s vision, mission, and core values.

Getting clear on this will help you find candidates that align with your business goals, and will also have a positive impact on your company culture and the customer experience.

Need some help establishing your company’s Why? Get access to the Brand Vision Workbook through the free resource library.

5 || Establish an onboarding process and training plan.

Finding the candidate is only 50% of the process. Now it’s time to actually integrate them into your team. The onboarding process allows you to take care of all human resources items and introduce them to your company. From there, you will want to have a training plan in place to ensure they learn how to execute all of the tasks for their role. Be clear about your expectations and I recommend scheduling periodic check points throughout their training. Spending adequate time investing in your new hire will provide them with confidence and set them up for success. You will also save “future you” a great deal of time and energy!

Do you have a specific hiring question?

Are you struggling with one of the phases of the hiring process? Leave a comment below or get in touch!

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