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Morgan Sowards Founder Retail Therapy

Hey there! I’m Morgan Sowards, the founder of Retail Therapy.

I bet you’re here because you currently own a shop, or hope to one day, and the weight of overwhelm and uncertainty are starting to get the best of you.

As a shop owner, there is so much—and sometimes everything—on your shoulders. Whether you're in the beginning stages of opening your shop or have a few years under your belt, it can be overwhelming and lonely trying to figure out what to do next or knowing if you're doing the right thing.

The goal of Retail Therapy is to provide you with the support and guidance you need to take control of the various aspects of your shop and effectively manage and grow your business.

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A little more about me…

I've always been a multi-passioned creative and have never quite been able to define myself as one thing in particular. Over time, I was conditioned to believe this was a flaw, and have been told countless times throughout my career that I needed to narrow down my interests. But the truth is if I had taken that advice, I wouldn't be able to do what I do today. I'm thankful for those big dreams and all the opportunities I've been afforded to chase after them.

For most of my life—seriously, since age seven—I wanted to be an Interior Designer. That's what I studied in college, and after graduation I spent the next five years in the architecture and interior design world.

Feeling like I was ready for a new creative challenge, I transitioned back into my retail roots where I spent the next seven years helping run a small biz retail shop as the Creative Director and Regional Manager. 

In that time, I helped take the company through expansion and extensive brand growth, opening multiple new locations, and creating and growing a sizable following. This season of my life allowed me to utilize my interior design background while cultivating new skills in leadership and management, team development, sales and marketing, visual merchandising, and establishing operational business systems to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Retail Therapy is the culmination of all that ambition, curiosity, the struggles, and the victories that have shaped my journey. It’s also a direct response to all the guidance and education I *wished* I had during my time in retail. My desire is to pass on those lessons learned to someone who needs them like I did, and for us to all keep discovering and growing together.

xoxo • Morgan


A few things I strive for in life and in the work I do…

Effective Communication | Communication is at the heart of all relationships and what I believe generates true connection.

Personal Development | Learning how to develop healthy habits in your life and business will allow you to show up as your best self.

Genuine Connection | Meaningful interaction with others challenges us to think and feel beyond ourselves and our own experiences.

Fearless Curiosity | Go for it, dream big, push yourself, and make the most of opportunities that come your way.

Intentional Impact | There is ownership in being an owner. Making conscious decisions can positively impact those around you.


My Résumé


Chances are: I’ve been there, tried it, failed at it, worked my way through it, figured it out, seen it firsthand, or helped someone else solve it. I want to share all that info and experience with you!


Leadership & Management

Small Biz Experience • 14+ years

Retail Experience • 11+ years

Retail Management • 7 years


Skills & Knowledge

Company Culture Assessment, Business Operations, Expansion and New Location, Sales and Customer Care Training, Recruiting and Hiring, Team Development, Leadership Coaching, Internal Communications, Strategy and Systems Development


Visual Design & Marketing

Interior Design • 12+ years

Bachelor of Arts Degree

Retail Design, Space Planning, Finish and Furniture Selection, Construction Administration, Fixture and Display Design

Visual Merchandising • 7+ years

Implementation, Analysis, Strategy Development, Training

Creative Direction • 7 years

Brand Development, Conceptualization, Graphic Design, Photo Styling, Marketing Strategy, Event Campaign Coordination, Retail Social Media Planning and Implementation


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